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Facilities Overview

Comprehensive convention facilities with direct access to Osaka Station North Gate

This is Japan’s first convention center to offer comprehensive facilities with direct city-center station access. It is ideal for hosting a wide range of events, whether business-related, academic or cultural.

  • International and academic conferences
  • Ceremonies and receptions
  • Press Conferences
  • Exhibitions, trade fairs and trade shows
  • Events
880m2 820m2

*The hall ceiling height is 7.4 m and maximum floor load is 500kg/m2.

Room 1~3 600m2
Room 1 170m2
Room 2 210m2
Room 3 220m2
Room 4 80m2
Room 5 70m2
Room 6 90m2
Room 7 150m2
Room 8 160m2
Room 9 150m2

Full range of sound equipment providing excellent sound quality

The control system offers individual speaker adjustment to ensure clear sound.

High-definition live feeds

The hall is permanently equipped with high-definition cameras offering automatic adjustment of dynamic range for constant video image optimization. These can be used both for live feeds to conference rooms and for video recording.

Fully equipped with simultaneous interpretation booths! Capacity for multilingual interpretation in several languages

The hall is permanently equipped with simultaneous interpretation booths capable of handling up to six different languages at once. Congrès Inc. can also provide interpreters if necessary from the numerous highly experienced professionals on its registry.

Wireless Internet access available throughout the building

A wide variety of network environments can be offered, with both wired access offering gigabit speed and high-speed wireless Internet access available.

Built by Congrès Inc., one of Japan’s leading international convention companies

Congrès Inc., one of Japan’s leading convention companies, designed, built, and is running the new convention center. This makes it unique in offering a new style of city-center convention facilities, designed and run by professionals.

Existing facilities operated and directed by Congrès Inc.

Congress Center
Congrès Square
Convention Center

Others: Congrès Inc. also manages facilities in some 80 other locations throughout Japan, including JP TOWER Hall & Conference (Tokyo・Nagoya) and Nagaragawa Convention Center (Gifu City).

Previous conventions operated and directed by Congrès Inc.

  • G7 Ise-Shima Summit [*1]
  • Annual Meeting of The Board of Governors Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • General Assembly of the Japan Medical Congress (Osaka)
  • Overseas MICE trade show
  • Public event during an international conference

[*1] Source: Official Website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

The new convention center is a core facility of Umekita Knowledge Capital

As Osaka and the Kansai area’s gateway to Asia and the world, Knowledge Capital provides a center for information and people, and a base for networking. The Congrès Convention Center is one of Knowledge Capital’s core facilities for the dissemination of information.