【Notice】Business Resumption

【Notice】Business Resumption

Knowledge Capital Congrès Convention Center will resume operations after the emergency declaration for Osaka Prefecture is lifted. In consideration of the safety of users, visitors and staff, we will operate while implementing the following preventive measures against infectious diseases.

① Placing hand sanitizer in the facility

② Disinfecting the places where human hands touch, such as door knobs, escalator handrails and similar areas

③ Disinfecting and cleaning of rental microphones and podium.

④ Regular ventilation of the room

⑤ Staff wear mask and measure body temperature twice a day

⑥ When using the facility, we recommend the organizers to taking the following measures to reduce the risk of infection.

・          Leave a distance of at least 2m between the speakers

・          Set a desk for 3 people to 1 or 2 people and keep a space

・       Regular microphone cleaning     etc.

⑦ We also ask users to cooperate, such as refraining from attending those who are not good physical condition.

In addition, you may be asked to check your body temperature when you come to the venue.


◆ Information for scheduled events

For the status of each event, please check the each event organizer’s website.


◆ For your information, please see the below.

<Cabinet Secretariat :COVID-19 Information and Resources>


<Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)>


<Osaka Infectious Disease Information Center>