Responses to the Novel Coronavirus Disease ①

Responses to the Novel Coronavirus Disease ①

For safety of users, visitors and staff, Knowledge Capital Congrès Convention Center is taking the following measures.


① Placing hand sanitizer in the facility

② Disinfecting the places where human hands touch, such as door knobs, escalator handrails, and elevator buttons and similar areas

③ Disinfecting and cleaning of rental microphones

④ Regular ventilation of the room

⑤ Staff wear mask and measure body temperature twice a day

⑥ When using the facility, we recommend the organizers to taking the following

measures to reduce the risk of infection.

・          Leave a distance of at least 2m between the speakers

・          Set a desk for 3 people to 1 or 2 people and keep a space

・       Regular microphone cleaning

⑦ We also ask users to cooperate, such as refraining from attending those who are ill.


◆ Information for scheduled events

For the status of each event, please check the each event organizer’s website.


◆ For your information, please see the below.

<Cabinet Secretariat New Influenza Countermeasures Office>

<Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website>

<Osaka Infectious Disease Information Center>